Wednesday, March 26, 2014

dc days

ahh our first trip to the dirt pile this year.  it has finally dried up enough for us to walk and climb on and not get stuck in the mud.  this trip was actually a week or so ago and much needed. most of my kids were already gone for the day so it was three of us.  we were actually on a bear hunt and took a detour, climbing the highest dirt pile for a better look.  plus we found bear tracks around the dirt pile.  not really.... but really.  we had corn stalk torches that we would pretend went out and had to relight with each other's until we got tired of toting them.  here's our song... or bear hunt chant rather.

we're going on a bear hunt, one two three
we're going on a bear hunt, you and me
we're going on a bear hunt, wait and see
we're going on a bear hunt, what's in that tree!

the last part would startle them because i would point and yell... hehe  not everyone has this much fun at work i don't think.  i like to hunt for arrowheads of which i found a piece of one that day (not pictured)

like me... they come back with pockets full of treasures.

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