Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Friday

It's lil ole Laurie here sharing clicks from around the global internet.  I have a couple of lists of ideas for my weekend, one for each day, work on taxes, a grocery visit, day care plans, a birthday, acupuncture, library visit and maybe an organic chicken to roast on Sunday along with a fresh loaf of homemade bread.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a walk in the woods or begin sewing my camper curtains.  I really have a small list of winter goals in my journal that includes a few updates to our camper that I want to finish before camping season which for us begins in May.  All the while listening to a Bill Monroe greatest hits album on the hold shelf waiting for me at the library.  Don't worry... I will have some down time while I am watching Doc Martin series four and five.  Whew... I've starting to wear down already! 

Hope your plans don't tire you out too bad!  Have a good one and here are some clicks in case you don't have any plans!

I love the idea of hosting a soup party before cold weather is gone.  Terrific idea!

My grocery list will include the ingredients for this dairy-free chocolate banana shake this weekend!

What a cute make over for a vintage birdcage!

I've never thought of putting a mirror in the kitchen.  The first picture is my favorite.  You can see a bigger glimpse inside the house and kitchen here.  I love it! 

I want these striped jeans for some reason although I can't think of where I would wear them.

What pretty hoop art in this shop on etsy.  The cactus ones are my faves.

St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids on kiwi crate.

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