Thursday, March 27, 2014

home tour: our room

Welcome to the second part of our home tour.  I'm not some sort of interior design person by any means.  Heck I didn't even tuck our blanket in under our quilt... mainly because I am tired of doing it and have come to the realization that it doesn't matter.  I didn't even dust the room.  The light seemed good that afternoon so I went a got my camera and started shooting.  Our room, much like the rest of our house, is filled with things that mostly mean something to us.  Antiques, keepsakes and hand-me-downs and it's just who we are.

I have a thing about not storing anything under the bed.  As you can see there is a dog bed under there and a cat bed and possibly a little hair from each but I committed long ago to for-go using the space as storage.

The cow chair was recovered this way by my sister and I just two weeks before we got married at our house.  I almost lost an eye during that process.  It's also got Kate's beach towel on it which I could have thought to move.

I made the dream catcher here with a doily and feather that I found.  Our friends gave us the shelf for a wedding present and the horse came from Shaun's collection as a child.

This is my terrarium that is a year and a half old.  I haven't watered it but twice since I made it and I'm sure it didn't need it then.

I found this baby doll leg with moss in it down one of our fence rows and knew where it's proper home should be.  This is why I call my terrarium my "terrorarium".

I paid two bucks at an antique mall for this embroidered picture and it has since been one of my favorites.

Uncle Randy gave my this mannequin head not long ago.  She old, fragile and has had a nose job but I love her.  She also came with the hat.

Two of my favorite pictures.

I found this cow tooth not long ago... I also found the other things.  The bird nest I found in a tree and the others at Bellbuckle last fall.

Views from our window.  Luckily there aren't any houses out there or we'd need blinds!

You can find the first set of pictures from my home tour in our guest room HERE.

You can also find a tutorial on planting terrariums HERE which is when I planted the one here.

Sorry no green recipe today for the last Thursday in March!  I made guacamole several times and some avocado soup that I couldn't bring myself to post.  I was happy with my guac just not the recipe I took picture of.  Oh well... maybe next week.

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