Wednesday, March 5, 2014

literally on the library hold shelf

some of these books i am on the waiting list for and others are waiting on me.  in my quest to eat healthier and overcome my autoimmune disorder, psoriasis, i check out lots of books on eating healthy and a more plant based diet.   i have to realize that these things take time.  my psoriasis did not come up over night therefore will not go away over night.  but with studying, learning and a bit of creativity i feel i have a symptom free future.  

learn to let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food  ~Hippocrates

this does not mean getting the low fat stuff.  it is a whole diet change and a tough one to stick to.  i already feel better.  i am more conscious of what goes in to my body, i am becoming a label reader, i am a daily green smoothie drinker, i sprinkle flax seed on my whole grain cereal.  this may not sound strange to some but it is strange to the way i learned to eat.  not that it is wrong, it is just hard to get away from.  i don't know where i will land, be it vegan, vegetarian or raw.  there is a difference you know between vegan and vegetarian.  i didn't know that before... see how much i'm learning?

anyone else have a total change in eating?  do you want to or need to?  
a support system wouldn't be bad either.  i will be yours if you will be mine!

also another really good book on smoothies that i also checked out from the library is 
by Kathy Patalsky of

this book not only has tons of smoothie recipes, it also gives you the low down on different ingredients further than oranges are full of vitamin c.  awesome book.

i am also wondering, can you freeze smoothies for later? like a couple of days later? like if you were going camping you could stick the frozen smoothie in a cooler later?

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