Monday, March 10, 2014

weekend shots

What a gorgeous weekend it turned out to be!  Hard to believe we had snow and ice just a few days ago.  I think it is official that spring is on it's way!  After Shaun and I finished cleaning up a couple of downed trees from the sides of our driveway, I went on a woods walk and wound up rock hunting and I found buttercups blooming in the woods!  Kate and I got some valuable play time in and even Tommy got to come outside.  While I was brushing the dirt off my new found rock collection, all my friends, including Cotton (our chicken) came to hang out.  Brace yourself.... I even washed my car!  Inside and out.  Terrible to admit but I am not the best housekeeper when it comes to my vehicles... unless they are covered in mud.  Hope you had a great weekend!  

By the way, I have a special invitation for my facebook group Peppysis!  If you aren't already a member please send me a friend request on FB and I will add you.  You might not want to miss out on this one!

Miss Kitty photo bombing.

 I made this bread!  It is rye with caraway seeds and it was fantastic!!!!!

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