Monday, March 24, 2014

weekend shots

What a busy weekend it twas!  Yard sailing Friday morning before picking Katie bug up at the vet from being spade, working outside at home, library, grocery, then topping it off with a birthday party for my Mom and sister Tracy... who have the same birth date.  Beautiful weather... funny how the cold isn't bothering me anymore.  Mainly because I know it's not staying.  I love it!

Yard sale quilt.  I like the red bandana parts.  $3

New to me wagon.  I already used it trimming my rose bushes.

Kate and her cone.  She was NOT happy about it.  We took it off Saturday afternoon and she didn't bother her stitches once.

I was redoing decor on the porch, went in and through the basement to bring up a coffee table and couldn't find Cotton.  I walked around the house and looked everywhere but inside the house.  Then here she came out the front door.  Guess that's what I get for leaving it open listening to Bill Monroe.

Shaun, making a heavy duty bumper for his work truck.... pretty slick.

My kitchen window hangings

Good pic of my boy.

Silly chicken... she pooped right there on her way out.

Birthday girls!

We got my Mom tickets to Wicked!

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