Monday, March 31, 2014

weekend shots

whew what a weekend!  i feel like it was one of those weekends where i got to do pretty much whatever i wanted... in addition to the things i had to do.  i was able to squeeze in a walk to the woods twice this weekend.  one was with a friend on friday which was pretty cool.  we made some good finds.  then yesterday it was kate and i and i took my drawing pad and pencil instead of my camera.  the camera definitely captures the beauty of the place better than i can with a drawing pen or pencil.  oh well.  i also got to try my hand at being a real waitress, went dancing, avoided wearing jeans, bought a new hat and kate got in the pond for the first time!  how was YOUR weekend?

She was very verbal with the fish in the pond.

She splashes with her paw the bites the water.

I have several pictures of her when she would stop and give me this look.

Boy she was after those fish.  I didn't seem to phase them in the least.

I spy...

Marble found in the creek.

A few of my favorite things

Tulip Poplar showing come green.

weekend finds... a coyote skull, a brownie bottle and a feather left on the doorstep.

Me and Katie Bug

Trout Lillies should be blooming by next weekend.  The leaves are coming up everywhere in the woods.

HERE is a shot of the dogtooth lillies or trout lillies from 2012.  I missed them last year.

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