Friday, April 11, 2014

all about maxi

I officially own two maxi-type skirts.  Maxi skirts are long and most of the time flowy and very comfortable while hopefully slendering and flattering.  These are my picks for around the web of maxi skirts that I desire.  Especially the one from Old Navy in the center... yowza that bandana!!  I am over my clothing being tight fitting for the most part and don't like it when fabrics stick to me when it's hot outside.  At the same time, a long skirt could be too hot if it is the wrong type of fabric or doesn't flow with the go.  I am teetering on the ones from Forever21 that have a shorter lining but long, sheerer skirt.  They look like they would be comfy but I'm not sure I trust the lining length.  I have been eyeing the shop on Etsy that makes skirt number two.  Prickly Poppy Fashion.  They are actually closing their shop and reopening in May under their actual name.  Pretty cool except the black skirt isn't available right now.  They all look so comfortable and light enough to curl up on the porch with a book on a semi-70 degree-breezy day, don't you think? 

I wore one of mine to work the other day along with my Kmart favorite hat and my darling husband said I looked Amish.  Maybe because I was working in the garden and have bread rising at home.  Yea.. that's it.

one.  Forever21

two.  PricklyPoppyFashion @

three.  Old Navy (online only)

four.  also Forever21


Remember last year when I was wanting flowy summer tanks?  I still love them!

Are your feet ready for sandal weather?  Here's my Heel of Approval and 
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