Friday, April 18, 2014

beautiful things

from terrain

oh how lovely the spring collection is from terrain!  

I truly adore the coloring book.  I have a goal to have it colored by fall.  That's a lot of late nights at the picnic table coloring!  I can't wait!

I am a terrarium kind of gal and I really like this little notepad and the floral tape for sure!

My man isn't fond of table cloths so I don't use them much in the house.  I do however use them on the picnic table on the back porch and really like this dusty rose color.  kinda of reminds me of Mary Evelyn's wedding colors.

I am all about herbal medicine and any book that can teach me more I welcome.  I like the way this one looks, especially the pictures.  You can view more on Amazon... no recipes though.  Those are for top secret book owners... like me!

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