Tuesday, April 15, 2014

cute hair bands

While shopping at a barn sale two weeks ago I purchased an elastic hair tie for $1.50 from a vendor.  I'm not one to wear pony tails much but I do put my hair up in the evening at home a bunch and it seems like all my hair bands are stretched out and it's not even because they are old.  I have trouble finding a good one.  Well I wore my new hair tie all week long. I loved the way it didn't seem to pull my hair like other bands do and decided that I needed to venture into Hobby Lobby in Goodlettsville on my Saturday runnings.  With a little help I found satin elastic in the fabric/ribbon department.  Each roll was $2.99 AND half off!  Also each roll contains twelve feet of elastic ribbon so I figured I should be well stocked with the six rolls I chose.  

When I got home I realized just how simple it was to make my own as all it involves is cutting the ribbon to the right length and tying the two ends together.  Just like tying a balloon end once you've blown it up.  Easy peasy!  I will have a huge supply of hair bands for a long time!  AND the gal I bought my first one from said that they don't leave the dent in your hair that traditional bands leave once you take your pone down.  That could be handy too!

I cut the first batch at seven inches and the second at eight inches.  I get two wraps out of each band.  At twelve feet per roll that gives me right at thirteen hair bands per roll of elastic!  Woohoo!

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