Wednesday, April 16, 2014

easter basket dreams 2014

Well y'all... I think the Easter bunny thinks I have grown up.  And that's Ok.  But if he were to leave a present on my door step... and I don't mean bunny pellets... here's what they might look like.

Aaah... where to begin.  Some of these things have been favorites of mine for simply years.  The Ethel M Lemon Satin Cremes hold the record for the longest in loves.  I first has them when I was 23 and have ordered some from time to time.. even came up with my own recipe (imagine that).  They are the ultimate in dark chocolate and lemon.  Two of my faves.

The sunglasses are a Walmart $5.00 special.  I like cheap sunglasses because if they scratch you just go get another pair!

Country Living British Edition.  I pick it up from time to time.  It fascinates me to see home trends, gardening and such from the UK although the recipes confuse me.

Another product of the UK, Cath Kidston roll of stickers.  I want these.  Can I say that again?  I... want... these.  I own this sticker book and they are almost gone.  I have used them when canning, wrapping presents, mailing things... the list goes on!  And I need more. 

And finally... stain, elastic hair ties.  I bought one and only one at the barn sale last weekend and I simply love it.  I get so tired of regular hair bands stretching out and that seems to be all I can find in my home...  stretched out ones!  Until this little baby came along.  It holds my hair in a bun or pony tail nicely without being too tight yet holding it in place.  And they say it doesn't leave pone marks on your hair.  You can find them all over Etsy.  I have satin elastic on my list to stop and buy this weekend to make my own.  I have to have more!

Happy Early Easter!  It's only this Sunday!  What are a few of your favorite things that you'd grin ever so loudly at in your Easter basket?

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