Friday, April 4, 2014

lovin right now

I really enjoy putting together "lovin right now".  I know when I am lovin change quite often but doesn't it for everyone?  We don't like the same things all the time and I am thankful for change.  Each one of these items was inspired by someone else.  So I am going to try and share where the inspiration came from for each.  
Happy weekend!

1  my new favorite hat that I bought at Kmart last weekend.  I wear it all the time now when outside. It is light weight, comfortable and sort of has a wired brim that will stay when adjusted.My inspiration has come from several places but mainly from a blog I follow of a gal who wears hats.  I like the ones made of wool but know they would be too hot this time of year... plus they can be high priced.  Her blog is Roots and Feathers

2  My friend Jennifer shared a couple of food blogs with me that her daughter really likes. 
On one of them called  My Whole Food Life, I found the recipe for Almond Joy Bites.
Not really including a lot of sweet in my diet, but still craving mercifully, I decided to try these.
Oh my... I'm on my second batch and have only shared them with one person... my sister Tracy.
Love them!!!  The blog has amazing recipes!

3   My hair dresser and I were talking movies several months ago and I wrote down the name of the movie Lawless at that time.  I had forgotten about it until I was working on my taxes and found the piece of paper I had written the name of the movie on.  I got it from the library and we watched it... twice.  We really liked it.  So then I got back on the music part of the library and found the Lawless soundtrack which I now really like!  My two favorite songs are Fire and Brimstone and Cosmonaut.  Listen to a tad on amazon.

4   Someone mentioned to Shaun that comfrey oil helped their psoriasis.  Last Saturday I ventured in to the Orbit Health Food Store in Goodlettsville Plaza on my run to the library.  I am also going to start yoga lessens there that I am sooo excited about!  I bought the comfrey oil and have been mixing it with jojoba oil and applying it to my legs.  It really does seem to be helping so far although it's only been a few days.

5  My friend Barb had favorited these earrings in a shop on Etsy.  I saw them and wound up buying the turquoise ones.  I wore them every day for over a week, loved them and decided to buy the dark red pair too!  What a hog!  The shop is called LostBirdArt.  Really sweet gal!

In other inspiration around the web...

Teaching kids to sweep the floor.  Love this and plan on using it at the dc!

16 minute meals from Pioneer Woman.  Chicken Florentine Pasta is my favorite!

10 simple ways to spark creativity, by Her Library Adventures.

and... The Magic Whisk, by Sarah Lohman of Four Pounds Flour

Here's my hat and the turquoise earrings!  My mp3 player is in my pocket with Lawless playing too! And trust me... there were a couple Almond Joy Bites in the fridge that day that are way gone now!  Have a relaxing weekend!

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