Friday, April 25, 2014

lovin right now

Lovin right now... bath time edition!  Long overdue if you ask me!
Do we really take enough time out of our day or evening to enjoy a good soak in the tub?  
Well, last night I did!  These four things, along with some good music, candle light and a butler (Shaun) refilling my wine glass, are favorites and must haves when it comes to enjoying a good long dose of me time. 

My sister Tracy introduced me to Schick Intuition razors a month ago and I am loving it!  It has the soap already there for you so no shaving cream is needed.  The shave is good and close and the sensitive skin version seen here is what I use and what is needed, apparently, for my ever sensitive psoriasis skin.  So far it hasn't bothered them a bit!  Much thanks to you sister Tracy!

Mad Housewife, Sweet Red wine.... preferably chilled.  Aaaahh what a nice edition and something sweet and cool to sip on.  Pairs nicely with Pepperidge Farms chocolate hazelnut Pirouette wafer cookies which are my guilty pleasure for sure!  Sometimes I pretend they are cigars (nerd!).  

Lastly, my bath wouldn't be complete without my homemade bath oils.  Of course I have to give my tub a wipe down with Dawn after my bath but it is so worth it.  Using oils and herbal oils, I don't even have to use lotion when I get out.  You can use a tad of olive oil added to the water and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and you'll be just fine.  I also enjoy a sprinkling Epsom salt that is combined with lavender flowers that float in the water yet leave a wonderful scent.  

Here's my personal recipe for bath oil.  Mind you, I have psoriasis and have studied different herbs that help with my skin condition.  You can add them or not, but if you have excessively dry skin, eczema or psoriasis, this combination will surely help.  I have steered more towards taking baths than showers and incorporating my bath oil specifically for my skin.  Showers, even though we have a filter on ours, tend to dry my skin out much worse than a bath and with the addition of oils I don't even use commercial lotions at all.  It has truly made a difference for me.  I know it contains a few odd ingredients to some.  If you only had a few, I would recommend the almond and jojoba oils, vitamin E oil and comfrey oil and maybe the lavender for relaxation.

As far as my scalp,itching and dry skin around my hair line goes, I recommend Paul Mitchell, tea tree shampoo and using it at least every other wash for mild itching and dryness or every wash until the itching and flaking is under control.  If it continues once you have backed off the tea tree you may want to consider the shampoo that you are using in the mean time as part of the culprit for dryness.

I am not any kind of a skin doctor... just a skin sufferer and one who has tried so many products until I have come to a semi-comfortable place.

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