Tuesday, April 22, 2014

pretty carnations

Do you know how easy it is to make paper flowers?  Well.. maybe not all paper flowers.  But tissue paper carnations are easy to do.  If you are from around here... do you remember the really big tissue paper flowers they used to make and sell at Opryland?  Gosh I miss that place.

These flowers aren't quite as big as those.  More real to life size.  You simply need a sheet of tissue paper, pipe cleaners (cut in half if you wish), scissors, a pencil and something round that you can trace.  I used a canning band.  A simple drinking glass will work well.  So, take your sheet of tissue paper and fold it over long ways, then fold it longways again.  Keep folding evenly until you have a square small enough for your glass to fit.  Then trace your glass leaving a penciled circle on the tissue paper.  Holding the paper with one hand, cut out the circle.  Next, divide the circles into a few piles with around ten to twelve circles each.  Make two holes in the center of a stack of circles with a thumbtack or if your pipe cleaners are strong enough just stick them right through.  Feed your pipe cleaner up through one hole, bend it about an inch and feed the bent end back through your second hole.  Twist the pipe cleaner to form your stem.

To crumple the flower into pedals, take the top circle and pull it together pinching as you go and crinkling the first pedal.  Follow this method with the remaining pedals (circles) one at a time, being careful not to make folds at the same place for each circle, until all circles are semi-crunched.  Waalaa... now you have a beautiful carnation.  What you do with it is up to you.

I am sure you can make much larger ones that this for swags or to hang from the ceiling at a party.  They could seriously bring a pop of color to any room!  I had one of my moms at the day care ask me if they were real before she got up close to them.  :)

I got a little carried away and made bunches!  Oh and you should get three or maybe even four flowers from one sheet of tissue paper.  How fun!

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