Thursday, April 3, 2014

spring gardening

Gardening has already begun here at the day care!  So excited to get out and dig in the dirt!  We have a row of lettuce planted, two rows of spinach seeds planted and our garlic from last fall is up.  We have also started lots of seeds.  Most of them will be for our garden at home but some will live in the wee day care garden and some will live in pots.  The seeds that are coming up are peppers, tomatoes, snapdragons, lavender, dichondra, stevia, rosemary, and dill.  We are growing three kinds of tomatoes this year.  Two of them are new to me.  Those being Bonnies and Early Girls.  The others are black cherry tomatoes that I adore!  We dig and putz around our garden every sunny chance we get.  Everyone helps in some way to clear out unwanted greenery and turnips from last year while loosening the ground for a healthy season!  Gardening is great exercise for the abs and arms too!

Hello garlic!

Two little rows of spinach marked by pretty fake flowers.

Proud of the peppers coming up this year!  I have thirteen so far.

Our little DC greenhouse.  Hey, it works great!  
The heater is regulated to keep it between 72&78 degrees.  
Although it sometimes gets much hotter in there when the sun is shining in.

This is my first year to buy a tray with the little growing pellets.  They work great so far.

I may have overdone it with the snapdragons seeds!  They're so teeny!

Tomatoes started last Wednesday.  Most were up by Sunday.  Growing like crazy by Monday!

A bit on planning a garden with kids.

This is when we planted the first garden at the day care along with some markers we made.

And a July look at our first little garden.

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