Tuesday, April 8, 2014

teaching chores

 Early last week I let one of the kids help me with the dishes after lunch time while everyone else was getting out their pillows and blankets and such.  The next day a different child wanted to help with the dishes.  It dawned on me while eating lunch the following day that maybe it was time for chores for everyone.  Plus it will kind of help work off a little bit of lunch before nap time.  So, when everyone was asleep, I got to work on a chore chart including a picture of each child and a picture of each chore.  I painted a real thick piece of cardboard, printed and cut out pictures (on card stock) and used velcro to attach the pictures to the cardboard.  That way I can move them around each day.  So far, they love it!  After we finish lunch, as they toss their napkin into the trash, they can all see what their small responsibility is.  I don't ask that the chores be done to perfection or anywhere near it, just that they each give it a try and good effort and as they see each one of us doing so they are eager to themselves.  They actually do get excited about the "Wash the Dishes" chore the most.  And I love that they can see what helping clean up feels like and that it can be fun.

Today when we were almost finished with lunch one of them asked "do we get to do our chores today?" This is probably our fourth day with the chore chart and they get up from the table and get busy like little bees.

As you can see, these aren't actually my day care kids.  Although I think Kate would enjoy dragging the mats around the house very much!

Still helping after his chore was done.

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