Tuesday, April 29, 2014

weekend shots

on a tuesday.  yesterday was a day of no computer for me.  purposely done... i just wasn't interested in turning it on one bit.  not positive i am totally in to it this morning but i wanted to share my weekend shots.  just like me walking in the woods to see what is blooming, if i miss a weekend or skip my walk i will for sure miss something that is in bloom, as will you, i feel, if i don't share my shots.  it all happens so fast this time of year.  a few weeks ago the trees were bare and now you can't see through the woods for all the green.  i am enjoying every minute of spring this year and feel it is going way too rapidly.  i did get some thyme and mint planted after work yesterday, some rabbit cooked for friends sunday night, and my seventh yoga class on saturday.  

 the only morel i saw this year :(

katie bug... cleaning up the creek.

did you know?

that this "spit" that you see on plants is actually housing a bug?  it's called a spiddlebug.  females plant an egg into a plant stem and as the bug forms it blows little bubbles out of it's toosh that form it's protective spit until it's ready to fly off.  i always wondered what exactly this spit was.  i figured it was some kind of egg sack.  we learned this at the day care from this fantastic book.

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