Friday, May 2, 2014

I spy

At the request of a few, here is another I fun spy!  Even though yard sale season has already begun around here, it's never too late to train your eye to find the goods.  Even pros can skip over something they are looking for when there's so much to see.  Good luck!

By the way, the pictures in today's I spy were all taken at Phillip's General Store in Bellbuckle, Tennessee which is our very favorite store possibly in all the world and some of them have my beloved Christmas featured.  I feel it is necessary to include because yard sales have Christmas decor every week but because it's summer and we're not thinking of Christmas decor right now we tend to skip over it when in fact now is when you find the deals... not at Walmart on December 10th!  Come on!  Just look at these bottle brush trees!  They are out there folks... you've just got to train your eye.  Love it!

I spy......

A halo, a stocking, gold trim and gold stars and a tiny white tree.

A silver deer, a lava lamp, two pewter wine cups, MLK, a dough bowl, and a cake stand full of balls.

A make-shift lamp, three silver snowflakes, a shoe iron, and the number 16.

A Bunch of daisies, two finials, a blue bowl with a lid, a lemonade stand, a pretty doll, a bow and a flower in a frame.

A strand of vintage lights, Gallatin Road, a checker board, two log cabins, a holiday wreath, a straw hat, and a picnic tin.

A pitcher, a blue flower, a red horse shoe, a lovely bride, Bobbie Bubbles and Harveys, two little pillows, and one red bird.

An American flag, a big turkey, a stuffed dove, A squirrel, a mad indian, and a white light bulb.

Three pine cones, a poinsettia, a white reindeer, six churches, some candy, a window, golden wings, four bottle brush trees, and a black number twelve. 

Here's a previous flea market version of I spy... yard sale training.

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