Monday, May 12, 2014

weekend shots

Or not-so weekend shots.  Bad news..... my camera is broken.  Or rather it has an error message.  I love my camera and have owned it for about four years.  I truly cannot believe it hasn't given up on me before now.  I am pretty rough on it and treat it just as any other accessory on my body.  It gets tossed around and stored here and there.  I am at a crossroad decision.... send it off to the Nikon repair center, buy another camera or take the plunge and follow internet directions and take it apart myself.  Supposedly there is just a little red gear that needs lubing up.  Sounds pretty simple and the avenue I will probably take once I get my nerve up to do it.  Other than that my weekend was great.  Shaun got Black Rose up and going again and we took the top off of her, we also put new tubes and tires of my bike. we hung out with friends and spent Mother's day afternoon with my Mom at my sister's house.  Here are a few of the last shots taken with my camera.  sniff, sniff.

 DC pocket full of worms.

My inviting path to the woods.  I love that Shaun keeps it mowed.

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