Tuesday, May 20, 2014

weekend shots

Well folks... on Saturday I took the plunge, looked up and found a "how to" on youtube and fixed my camera myself.  I am so tickled that it worked and feel the old flame of good pictures coming back.  I wanted to take shots after work yesterday because I was feeling art-y but my camera battery was dead.  Maybe the feeling will be back today.  Instead I moved my plants from inside the house to the outside for the summer, potted some yellow trailing petunias and moved some things around on the porch.  I am lucky to get to nest inside and outside of our home.  Speaking of nesting, the Phoebes have built a new nest already in the same place it was last year and away from being at the top of a pole, which I thought being in the corner was brilliant until the snake moved in.  And by the way, Shaun saw another snake, not as large as the first one, on his truck inside the shop on Sunday.  Must be the year of the slithery snake.  Didn't read that part of the yearly horoscope.  I've also been slowly putting things in the camper for our trip coming up that I am so excited about.  We bought new "put our feet up" chairs and a 12x12 canopy that I intend to string white Christmas tree lights under for illumination.  I can't wait.  This evening we plan on planting our garden at the house.  Since the disaster last year we decided to move the garden over to get more drainage and vowed to not have such a large garden.  Somehow, it looks like we just added more footage to the right so the garden is bigger than ever.  But, I plan on planting zinnias and calendula in the areas that tend to hold water.  That way even if we do get a lot of rain we hopefully won't lose any actual produce.  Fingers crossed.

First shot with my fixed camera.
It's a wonder I didn't drop it when I was jumping up and down because it worked!

My Granddaddy made this wishing well for me.  I didn't make a place for it in our yard but let my father-in-law rig it up over at the Sleepin' Bear.  He put a fountain in it and every thing!  I think Granddaddy would love it!

I helped at a beautiful wedding that was held there on Saturday.

A sleeping kitty.

Two of my nieces also graduated this past weekend.  So proud of you both!

Chives that came back this year at the DC.


Enjoying the weather, the shade, watching kids play, a little reading and new toe nail polish.

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