Friday, June 27, 2014

friday finds

Ahhh, my beloved enamelware addiction.  There should seriously be a support group for it.  This collection of lovely vintage enamel pieces began with Number 1... the milk can.  I love it.  I hope one day to find a French water pitcher like Number 2 at a yard sale in Crossplains or White House.  And it being French... one might wonder how it got there.  Number 3 grabbed me with it's rust-ic style and I really like the handle.  The old soap holder of Number 4 entices me and I can envision it attached to the wall of my front porch right above the water faucet.  But then I would be left wanting one for the back porch too... and that would be Ok.  

You can find uses for old enamelware HERE.

And P.S. the Crossplains yard sale is this weekend!!!  You know where I'll be!

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