Friday, June 6, 2014

what i'm thinking about

Scary title I know.  Even scarier that I don't work for Martha Stewart and I am dreaming of my 2014 Christmas tree.  I think they begin Christmas decorating on January 1st.  It isn't odd at all for me to be in the Christmas spirit in June or July.  My friend and ex-coworker Jennifer used to just roll her eyes at me when I would waltz into work singing Jingle Bells in June.  My tree decor has been on my mind since I took down my last tree I must admit.  My 2013 tree housed a blue million beaded snowflakes that I made last year that were beautiful!  The snowflakes were a breeze to make.  I think I started them in October and had about fifty by Christmas.  Since we've been in our home I have decorated the main tree (yes there are several) with something different each year.  It keeps me busy.

This year I am thinking handmade flowers.  There is an art to it you know, at least some of the ones I have seen are arty.  I have found several tutorials in the video and diy blog sense.  I even have a couple of books rented from the library.  The thing is is that I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of supplies to do this.  Last year I already had all of the beads and wire and didn't spend a dime although I guess I did at some point or other because I acquired them somehow.  On the other hand, tissue paper, crepe paper and a little florist tape can't be that bad.  So this is what I am thinking about... me... on the front porch church pew, with my feet up and frosty beverage on a hot July day, making paper flowers for my Christmas tree.  Sounds dreamy.  Here's a few spots of inspiration.  Surely these flowery folks won't get mad at the share.  You can click the pics to visit their sites.  This is gonna be fun!

A book I have from the library.

A lovely blog I have found!  I can see these tissue paper lights in pastels for my tree.
DIY Tissue Paper Flower Party Lights:  Tutorial by Grow Creative

crepe paper flowers

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