Thursday, July 24, 2014

i want my music back

having a lovely time in florida with my family.  i got a tad too much sun on my belly two days ago.  not enough to make my skin sore... or keep me out of the sun.  the same day i got a little too nostalgic playing in the water listening to my mp3 player and got it wet.  i am now longing for my music beach side and as i am the only one up at this point in the morning having already done my yoga i am debating popping up to the walmart to buy a new music maker.  i am musically driven more times than none.  there is always a concert in my head.  here are tunes that are stuck and wanting to be playing in living color as i watch people walk by today.

i have two nieces that would have liked to sleep in longer than they did.  this is the song my nephew and i cranked as we danced in their room and jumped on their beds monday morning.  think long and hard before ever agreeing to go out of town with me.  as i like to say to my niece lacey... never let it be said that aunt laurie didn't know how to have fun.

love you!  have a good day!

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