Monday, July 28, 2014

lovin right now

With a most lovely Florida vacation now in my back pocket, I am holding on to a select few things and calling it "loving right now".  For starters I was introduced to Hawaiian Tropic's shimmer sunscreen tanning lotion by my nieces a couple of weeks before the vacation and picked up a bottle for myself, along with Neutrogena's  spray spf 70 and lotion 30 spf.  I found myself spraying down with the 70, lathering on the 30 and topping it off with shimmer lotion like cool whip on jello before sunning on the beach every day.  

On the way down my niece Lacey pulled out a bag of Bigs dill pickle sunflower seeds.  The first mouth full was a bit sour in taste but after I got through it I wanted more.  And more I had... all... week... long.  I found myself on the beach tucked up under an umbrella spittin seeds, drinking Bud Light tomato beers with my nose crunched in Fifty Shades of Grey.  I don't care who says it's raunchy.... I think it's the fastest I have ever read in my life.  I love the story line although it's a bit far fetched and plain out fan-tasty.  

Speaking of tasty... Nature's Harvest honey sesame sticks and plain M&Ms mixed together in harmony inside a sandwich sized Ziplock are ta-ha-sty.  Did I mention I had a Birkenstock goal in mind way before I even headed south on I65? Well I did... and I achieved my goal on Monday.  Why wait to break in a good thing??  We visited the local Florida Birkenstock store and they were mine in minutes and I love them.  I wasn't home a day and they had garden dirt all over them.  I can't have nothin I tell ya.  

So.. there's my post vaca "lovin it".  xoxo

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