Thursday, July 17, 2014

squash and zucchini

Well.. now that you've got all this squash and zucchini... what are you going to do with it?  

I announced on Sunday that I had "put up" all the zucchini that I was going to put up for the winter.  Meaning that we would either have to eat or share the rest until the plant begin to go the other way.  Our zucchini has been producing like crazy.  Our squash on the other hand is just beginning.  I only had three crooked neck squash plant come up out of a dozen but the lemon squash (free seeds came with an order) plants all came up.  They are much smaller, about 4 slices per squash, but I am enjoying them and boy they are really starting to make.  

I have begun to recollect recipes that I had found over the winter and am making a mental note to have a special place in which to store "summer recipes" so I can find them once the garden is booming.  I remembered a couple of good ones that we have tried in the last few days.  Nothing like using what you've got while you've got it!  

Also, my method of freezing zucchini and squash to have for minestrone soup and chicken tortilla soup is simple.  Just chunk or cube cut your vegetables, sprinkle with salt, and place in the middle of a pre-ripped piece of heavy duty aluminum foil.  Bring up end to end and make a pouch, folding and pinching the sides to close.  Then place pouches in a freezer gallon size bag that you label and freeze.  Pretty simple.  It hasn't killed us yet.

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