Friday, August 29, 2014

a "thing"

I am beginning to have a thing for hanging plants.  This is not a good thing seeing as how I don't have a single plant hanger hung from our ceiling anywhere in our home.  Our house being only five years old I don't see Shaun jumping to poke holes in the ceiling even if I do feel it beautifies our world.  Well... maybe if I put it that way to him he'll do it.  I have recently brought out an old macrame hanger that I bought at a yard sale many years ago and hung it at the day care.  It puts a little hippy in the room and I love it.  It reminds me of the Sunshine Family dollhouse we had growing up in the seventies that had a hanging plant pictured on the plastic.  Here's a look at how lovely they can be from around the web.  Oh if only I could sit still long enough to learn how to make them.  Maybe this winter.  All pictures were found on pinterest.  Click the pic to be linked.  How lovely!

Here's the Sunshine family pic... someone listed it for sale on ebay.  See the hanging plants?  Man.. you can find anything online.

How fantastic!  Is it still in your attic Mom?  Who am I kidding... I know it is!!!

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