Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello... my name is Laurie and I have a large plant obsession.  Not large plants... just plants in general... large obsession is better. When I vacationed with my family in Florida this summer I asked my loving husband to water my plants for me.  He all but freaks when asked to do this chore.  Luckily none of them died while I was gone.  All but four, excluding the terrarium, of my houseplants enjoy the summer outside on our covered porch.  In total my plant count outside right now is around fifty two.  Though to walk around the porch it doesn't seem it to me.  There's just greenery in corners and my African violets are blooming and they all enjoy it so.  The plants do come in during the winter and are all over the house.  Not all fifty something come in... some of those are herbs and flowers that would be deprived of sunlight in a bad way if brought in.  I treat my plants not as though they were just another decoration but more as friends... some of them almost twenty years old.  After all I do talk to them, nurture them, feed them and they are living things.  Not like a chair.  My dream one day is to have a greenhouse.  I dream of one of those glassed in greenhouses that you can watch the rain trickle down from the inside that would become quite steamy and tropical when heated for my friends during cooler months.  Pictures like these leave me reeling and drooling for my dream to come into fruition.  I even saved a whole block of bricks when we built our house to use as the floor.  I have a plan... I just hope I can hold out and I'm not quite sure where this room would be exactly... but it would be very dreamy for me and my friends to hang out in.

from flightsofwhimsy

from myfotolog.tumblr

from moontomoon

from ginnybranch.tumblr on pinterest

love the brick floor of this greenhouse. The Devoted Classicist: Nancy McCabe: The Garden Designer's Own Garden


And who can forget the herb greenhouse from the movie Practical Magic?  Not I.

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