Friday, August 8, 2014


These titles are literally on the library hold shelf for me.  As I was putting this collage together, and after I swiped the picture of Boogie Nights from, I thought to myself... this library list collage, in a way, sums me up.  The Libra balance... the music with possibly a bit of trash from the seventies, the tidbits of autobiographies from strong women, the interest in nature, witchery of sorts and old wive's tales from the people of the mountains, and my interest in animals and morbidly wanting to learn how to remove their skin and stuff them with whatever to make them hold their shape forever.  On that note... I plan to begin with a simple dove on September 1st and only mounting it's wings and tail.  I think it would be beautiful and simple to do because I watched a video on youtube... which I am also hooked on these days because you can find how to do anything.  Seriously... last weekend I removed the starter off of Black Rose and took it to the auto parts store and got a new one.  Youtube video confidence... it's dangerous and it will sometimes cause grease to get under your already short nails that won't come out.  My mind goes in so many impossible directions at the same time that it is really hard to keep up.  Most people wouldn't let others in to see their odd interests... or maybe not everybody has odd interests.  I love it and this list sums it up.


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