Sunday, August 31, 2014

lovin right now

wow.. a post on a sunday.  my blog used to be so on schedule.  but after such a busy summer, in the kitchen and at the day care, i feel the need to post and schedule posts for whenever!  look at me go... 

my current infatuations are pretty simple.  I like my hot coffee that i don't finish in the morning put in the fridge to be drank later in the day cold as a cucumber.  must be the heat index outside.  i'm totally hooked on colby jack cheese sliced, cubed or string.  i am totally enjoying pasting and securing pictures and things in my journal using washi tape that i bought on etsy.  it makes the pages thicker and holds them in place with a very pretty flare.  my favorite has red and pink cabbage roses with a green background.  i have never been a flip flop fan but when i purchased some new bathing suits at a very discounted price at jc penney before our florida trip i bought a pair of white frip flops with silver glitter thongs and loved them enough to send my sister back for two more pair.  at just 2.27 each i figure it didn't hurt and now i wear them all the time.  real good for the arches you know... not!  daily rituals is a book that i have on loan from the library right now and i love it.  it fascinates me to read about how artists, writers and creative people live their lives and do what they do.  
i am also hooked on a website, also about artists and creatives.  this one is about their homes and interviews on their lives.  pretty cool.  here's one of my favorites so far.  or my favorite picture from her home rather.  click the pic to be directed to her interview.

Freunde von Freunden — Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht — Publisher & Artist, Apartment, Amsterdam Centrum —

and the website is

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