Monday, August 18, 2014

weekend shots

I truly have been consumed with garden and canning responsibilities for the past several weeks.  Yesterday afternoon I put up six quarts and seven pints of diced tomatoes.  I do love it.  Shaun asked me if I was about done canning for the season.  I told him "as long as there is an abundance of tomatoes out there, I am not finished."  Our next few years of canning may not be filled with such a lucky crop and I would hate to kick myself for letting him mow down the plants when there could have been more done.  As long as I've got the jars... which I am down to quart sizes only pretty much, I will keep going.  Although salsa in quart jars may seem a bit much.  I love it and every day at work I secretly hope to be able to leave early so I can get started.  Crazy lady.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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