Tuesday, August 26, 2014

weekend shots

As I was creating this post this morning I realized that the last seven days have been filled with new.  New friends, new recipes, new blooms... it's all in how you view your world.  Picture your world in pictures.  To others it can be fascinating as well.  Even if it is spent in bed.  Learn to appreciate the world around you, the comforts of your home and your space in this life.

Saturday morning.

The only zinnia of it's kind that I still own... waiting for seeds.

Julia Child yellow rose water was made.

Fair entries.

After trying to chase her off all day Saturday, Sunday evening we gave in and after finding out how sweet she is we are looking for her family that she obviously belongs to.  She has been fixed, plays and wants in the house something awful.  We gave her some flea and tick guard and two meals so far.

Calendula blooms which I have been beheading like mad and drying in my linen closet.

Three different colors of cosmos I have grown this year.  The white not pictured.

Not sure what this is but a stern warning was given for it not to be mowed down until I figure it out.

Red sky at night... sailor's delight.
Red sky in morning... sailor's warning.

Empty then only to be filled again.  They are headed south though with the temperatures acting like it's August again.  I still seem to find myself canning almost every evening.

A new dc friend.

A new green relish recipe tried this year.  Very yum.

A new friend I fell in love with walking into Kroger and had to have.  The others had grown very long.  I decided on one to watch it grow.

Houseplants on the outside loving life.

This one is from this morning on my way down the drive to work.

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