Monday, September 29, 2014

fall at the flea market

This past Friday, my sister Mary Evelyn, our friend Christal and I, ventured out to the Nashville flea market.  We spent the whole day browsing around on a gorgeous with blue skies and plenty to see.  September if one of the largest of the year.  There were even booths in the furthest outside barn and I am a firm believer in the further away from the action the cheaper the prices.  Well.. for the most part.  I did buy a large enamelware bowl for three bucks.  I didn't even have to haggle with the guy... and it's in awesome shape.   I will tell you this much... Fall is everywhere.  From pumpkins to creepy baby dolls limbs the flea market was in good form for the season.  We had a blast... even left to eat lunch at Baja Burrito (my fave of all time) and went back for more... dang near til they closed!

Someone spent some time on this one!  I gather the different threads were dyed using the bits of nature they point to.  Pretty neat! 

This fella sang us a song with our names in it.  Pretty clever guy. 

 The lady in this booth sassed me for taking pictures.  I told her I usually won't if it's original art.  You're selling kid's blocks lady and no... I won't buy anything now.

 I wanted this mirror.  I loved the worn velvet look to it but she wouldn't come off the price enough and it was too early in the day for me to drop this much on a mirror.  At least I have a photo memory of it.

 I have been wanting one of these rock salt lamps for a month or two.  Ever since I saw one at a yard sale and didn't even ask how much it was.  Well... I have one now.  I didn't buy from this vendor for twenty bucks.  I walked on and wound up finding one for ten dollars later in the day.  I love it!

In my taxidermic conquest I vow to make this full mount laying down my goal.  

Who wants a caramel apple??

I really liked this sterling silver ring with a crystal.  I've not seen one like this ever.  It looked pretty old and wasn't priced terribly high but alas the thing was just too small.

Friday, September 26, 2014

birthday wishes

In my family... we have a lot of birthdays!  For almost each one we all get together and have supper or at least cake and ice cream and we get and give gifts.  Sounds pretty normal huh?  I feel it is easier on everyone to let them know what I've had my eyes on in case they need ideas.  Plus there is always something that I wouldn't mind having that I wouldn't go out and buy for myself.  It is already going to be a spectacular day spent with the ladies in my family at the BellBuckle TN arts and crafts fair.  Of which I already have my list of look-fors AND cannot wait to get turnip greens and white beans from my favorite food vendor!  I secretly already know what I am going to wear... weather permitting.

So family... here it is!  My birthday wishlist for this year.  

Yoga Blocks (or WalMart)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

banana pancakes

have you tried these?  i am a oat and fruit breakfast eater until i went through a stomach "thing" over the weekend and honestly... saw my breakfast again.  it led me to not wanting it yesterday or today... or the day before yesterday.  but i still had the fruit that needed to be eaten.  i remembered a tiny recipe i read over at a cup of jo blog and recent had my sister bring up almost the exact same recipe so in a pinch for time i thought i'd try it.  i found them truly easy, two... ok three ingredients if you count the butter and really, really good.  I made them, covered the plate and took them to work with me.  yesterday they were still hot.  today they were cold because i had to drive black rose to work and she'd been sitting out in the dew with no top on all night so everything was damp including the windshield (inside and out) so the drive took a few extra minutes, driving with my head out the window, and was a little chilly... a.k.a. cold pancakes.

to make the pancakes, you simply mash half a banana with a fork and stir in an egg.  melt a small pat of butter in a skillet on med-high and pour in the mix.  i also stirred in a few of the tartest blueberries i've ever bought.  flip them over to brown the other side.  they truly are good.  try them today!

hey and you can listen to the song banana pancakes while you make them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

welcoming fall

Instead of allowing the fall/winter blues to set in this year I am trying something new.  A new point of view.  I began by verbally being thankful for summer, for the season and all it held for me... such as hot weather (which I adore so), our garden and all the canning I did, friends, family, just basically everything I was allowed to experience and hold dear during the season.  I am now thankful for the coming season and welcoming it as a break from some of my work and deeds that summer holds.  I am enjoying the sun coming up a little later (until the time changes).  I held this as sort of a ritual and plan on doing the same on the last official day of fall.  I think this will help my blues and maybe make them non-existent. Last night we had a friend over from Texas that I haven't seen in a long long time.  We laughed, talked, had supper and really enjoyed our time together which was awesome and a great way to spend the last day of summer... with a great person and sharing.

Also yesterday, to welcome fall at the day care, I printed out outlines of leaves on white card stock for myself and the kids to color.  I then cut out a circle from card board and glued the colored leaves on it making a fall wreath for our back door.  It turned out lovely.  The kids also colored pictures of a squirrel with an acorn and leaves that says "Autumn" to hang on the door.  

Welcoming the season ahead by acknowledging the blessings that the previous season held is giving me a bit of a different outlook on the colder months ahead.  Maybe I will allow myself to enjoy them a little more.

Had to involve refreshments of grape kool aid and chocolate animal crackers.

Me and Precious Sass!

By the way... we found a new home for sweet Gypsy.  I miss her so much but she now has a home on fifteen acres, with a horse, other dogs and most importantly a boy of eight which I know her soul needed.  It makes me sad and happy at the same time.  Her new owner has sent me a picture of her.  I feel they will love her.  I had a harder time with it than I thought I would.  This morning Kate seemed to really notice that her playmate wasn't there so I played frisbee with her in my robe outside for a bit even though I was short on time.  

Here's a little tune from one of my favorite movies Practical Magic.  Good for the season change.

Friday, September 19, 2014

library list

Literally, these titles are on "hold" or on their way to me from the library. 

Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.  I have actually followed A Beautiful Mess blog for a few years now and have enjoyed watching it grow as it has.  I have a feeling I will recognize posts made into book form but will enjoy having it in my hands all the same.

Five Little Pumpkins should be to me in time for October.  I love this little tale and enjoy the kid's faces as I read about what the little pumpkins get into.

Happy Herbivore Holidays by Lindsay Nixon.  I actually have one of her books on my birthday list.  She has a way of making vegetarian cooking easy and very good.  Her book Happy Herbivore Abroad is my personal favorite.

Dallas Buyers Club is actually at the suggestion of Shaun.  He oddly mentioned the title of this movie and I responded by asking if he had seen it.  I knew better that he hadn't so it's coming for us to see.  I have been amazed at Matthew McConnaughey's transformation for the movie.

Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks.  Oddly enough, I saw the book in a picture, on a blog, sitting on a nightstand in a post entitled "Bedside" on Moon to Moon blog which I frequent.  I have since read a snippet about the book and have it on order from simple interest. 

Funny where my inspiration comes from.  I really liked the picture above this one too with the tea cups stretched along the nightstand.  I showed it to Shaun and he simply said "looks like somebody needs to clean up."  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

zinnia girl

a couple of times now, on trips to what used to be our garden where my flowers still grow until a nasty frost takes them from me, Gypsy seems to find her way in to the middle of my flower bed.  she tip toes amongst the zinnias.  and by tip toes i mean she just traipses right through the middle of them and plops down.  i think she thinks she's purty.  we are still trying to find a forever home for her.  she needs the comfort of indoors mainly because her short hair and cool temperatures do not mix.  please help us in this effort.  she's too sweet.

 i think katie bug is rolling her eyes right here.  sometimes she likes having a sister around and sometimes she does not.