Wednesday, September 24, 2014

banana pancakes

have you tried these?  i am a oat and fruit breakfast eater until i went through a stomach "thing" over the weekend and honestly... saw my breakfast again.  it led me to not wanting it yesterday or today... or the day before yesterday.  but i still had the fruit that needed to be eaten.  i remembered a tiny recipe i read over at a cup of jo blog and recent had my sister bring up almost the exact same recipe so in a pinch for time i thought i'd try it.  i found them truly easy, two... ok three ingredients if you count the butter and really, really good.  I made them, covered the plate and took them to work with me.  yesterday they were still hot.  today they were cold because i had to drive black rose to work and she'd been sitting out in the dew with no top on all night so everything was damp including the windshield (inside and out) so the drive took a few extra minutes, driving with my head out the window, and was a little chilly... a.k.a. cold pancakes.

to make the pancakes, you simply mash half a banana with a fork and stir in an egg.  melt a small pat of butter in a skillet on med-high and pour in the mix.  i also stirred in a few of the tartest blueberries i've ever bought.  flip them over to brown the other side.  they truly are good.  try them today!

hey and you can listen to the song banana pancakes while you make them!

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