Friday, September 26, 2014

birthday wishes

In my family... we have a lot of birthdays!  For almost each one we all get together and have supper or at least cake and ice cream and we get and give gifts.  Sounds pretty normal huh?  I feel it is easier on everyone to let them know what I've had my eyes on in case they need ideas.  Plus there is always something that I wouldn't mind having that I wouldn't go out and buy for myself.  It is already going to be a spectacular day spent with the ladies in my family at the BellBuckle TN arts and crafts fair.  Of which I already have my list of look-fors AND cannot wait to get turnip greens and white beans from my favorite food vendor!  I secretly already know what I am going to wear... weather permitting.

So family... here it is!  My birthday wishlist for this year.  

Yoga Blocks (or WalMart)

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