Friday, September 19, 2014

library list

Literally, these titles are on "hold" or on their way to me from the library. 

Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.  I have actually followed A Beautiful Mess blog for a few years now and have enjoyed watching it grow as it has.  I have a feeling I will recognize posts made into book form but will enjoy having it in my hands all the same.

Five Little Pumpkins should be to me in time for October.  I love this little tale and enjoy the kid's faces as I read about what the little pumpkins get into.

Happy Herbivore Holidays by Lindsay Nixon.  I actually have one of her books on my birthday list.  She has a way of making vegetarian cooking easy and very good.  Her book Happy Herbivore Abroad is my personal favorite.

Dallas Buyers Club is actually at the suggestion of Shaun.  He oddly mentioned the title of this movie and I responded by asking if he had seen it.  I knew better that he hadn't so it's coming for us to see.  I have been amazed at Matthew McConnaughey's transformation for the movie.

Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks.  Oddly enough, I saw the book in a picture, on a blog, sitting on a nightstand in a post entitled "Bedside" on Moon to Moon blog which I frequent.  I have since read a snippet about the book and have it on order from simple interest. 

Funny where my inspiration comes from.  I really liked the picture above this one too with the tea cups stretched along the nightstand.  I showed it to Shaun and he simply said "looks like somebody needs to clean up."  

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