Monday, September 1, 2014

weekend shots

it technically still feels like the weekend.  it's monday morning and i'm still at home.  in an hour i will be at the mercy of a day of dove hunting next door.  i plan on making my first attempt at a sort of taxidermy today by mounting a pair of dove wings and a dove tail.  maybe two or three sets since we'll have plenty (hopefully!).  i can hear shots being fired as i type... only at the skeet shoot, the hunt opens at 12.

the weekend was filled with here and there and friends all around.  from the truck pulls at the robertson county fair to a labor day party on saturday night to relaxing on sunday to a good library book of horror and a barbra streisand movie.  i simply love her and suspect she never accepted a dull role.  to the shots...

gypsy, is what i am calling her, is so sweet.  still trying to find her home.

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