Wednesday, September 17, 2014

zinnia girl

a couple of times now, on trips to what used to be our garden where my flowers still grow until a nasty frost takes them from me, Gypsy seems to find her way in to the middle of my flower bed.  she tip toes amongst the zinnias.  and by tip toes i mean she just traipses right through the middle of them and plops down.  i think she thinks she's purty.  we are still trying to find a forever home for her.  she needs the comfort of indoors mainly because her short hair and cool temperatures do not mix.  please help us in this effort.  she's too sweet.

 i think katie bug is rolling her eyes right here.  sometimes she likes having a sister around and sometimes she does not.

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  1. Oh how lush and green everything is where you live, a sea of Zinnias to play in, I can clearly see why Gypsy is so Happy! Dawn... The Bohemian


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