Friday, October 31, 2014

a list

i am off work today and yet i got up at 530am to make breakfast for shaun.  not that i "have" to do so but because i "want" to do so and no matter my indiscretions from the evening i wanted coffee so much i decided to stay up.  it is all hallows eve and i have a list of things to do today... even though the sun isn't even up yet and it is raining.  the rain, of which, is bringing in cold temperatures that leads to lengthen my list.

since we mowed down and put the garden to rest, two of my herbs that i grew over the summer have come back.  the dill, which bloomed and went to seed, is clustered and scattered and came up after the clippers.  the parsley, grown from seed and is a precious sight as a young seedling, sprung back from it's hair cut to let us know you can't keep a good man down... apparently.  we have a temp prediction of thirty two degrees in nashville which means, up here on the hill, it should dip to around twenty seven.  so... on this... all hallows eve... there will be a cutting and hanging at the hulsey's.  beautiful herbs cut from their spots in the garden to being strung up on the pole above my kitchen window.  i love the smell of dill drying in my kitchen.  sometimes you can smell it when you walk into the room.

although our home is well insulated, that we made sure of when building, vintage, summer, dang-near-see-through bed linens won't cut it when.. (pardon me) baby it's cold outside.  i own two sets of the softest most comforting flannel sheet sets on the planet.  i petitioned kate this morning to choose between stripes or florals and although they were washed, and very well folded might i add, they are in the washer about to get a dousing of downy to freshen them up.  they were neatly packed away for the summer in the attic but actually never made it out of the floor in my crap room... which i have desperately tried not to clutter up but i have found that old habits like you are hard to break.

it is the perfect weekend to walk in the woods.  bow season is at a halt as juvenile hunt was last weekend and muzzle loader doesn't begin until next weekend.  dang it... and just as i was cleanin my muzzler and sharpenin my skinnin knife.... just kiddin... i don't have a muzzle loader.  i'm afraid that by the time rifle is open all the good deer will be dead already.  i'm not really picky.  i don't want a wall hanger, although it would be nice for my first, i just want meat in the freezer.  mmmmm deer chili, deer burgers, steaks... that's the stuff stockings hung by the chimney with care is made of.  still, if the rain doesn't cease i will be forced to leave my camera under covers on my walk which is not good because right now, outside, it looks like someone went crazy with an orange highlighter.  beautiful colors this year out.

i have much to do.  i do love to write early in the morning before my innocent mind is corrupted by worldly news and responsibilities.  back to the list.

good morning aunt dea.

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