Monday, October 13, 2014

a sunday afternoon

Sunday morning I was in a fog.  It was one of those mornings, and into the early afternoons, when I really didn't have much to do and at the same time could have come up with a long list of things that needed to be done.  But my soul seemed a little sad and ignored.  I haven't felt crafty in a while, or in tune with nature, or at one with my kitchen.  Everything has seemed so routine instead of fun lately.  I decided to go online for a moment which thanks goodness can be full of inspiration.  Luckily, I found it.  A small weaving project that luckily I already had all the ingredients for... I just needed to go outside for the stick frame.

I found a couple of sticks, in the shape of a Y, pretty close to the house.  Honestly they just didn't seem sturdy enough for what I needed them for.  So I searched on.  

Kate and I went towards the woods and to my delight our path was no longer grown up and was very walk-able.  I guess all those evenings of taking Black Rose into the woods paid off.  So we trotted on.  It was pretty muddy so we ventured to the left instead of the right that would lead us down to the creek.

 I suddenly knew why we made a left.  Not only did we find a great branch with lots of Y's but also the little persimmon tree told us that a lot of her fruit was ready to be picked.  I tasted one off the ground and after looking up decided I needed the four wheeler to stand on for the rest.  We headed back to the house.

I quickly looked up a recipe or two to get an idea of how many I needed and if we may have enough.  I came across a recipe for persimmon bread.  At this point I remembered the baskets of apples and pears that Uncle Randy brought me and Granny last week.  I decided to try out the recipe for apple bread instead that I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago.  

After the bread was in the oven, and needed an hour to cook, Kate and I snagged the side by side and headed back to the persimmon tree.  I stood in the back and wound up picking a maybe two cups worth which isn't much enough to make anything with.  I decided to freeze them and go back next weekend to pick more when the rest are ripe enough.  

We got back to the house and I finally sat on the front porch in one of the rocking chairs to work on my weaving project.  It was so nice to relax and work with my hands for a bit surrounded by my friends, Tommy, Kitty, Kate and Cotton... who came running across the front yard to join the fun.  

I finished my project after supper and Shaun and I enjoyed the apple bread for dessert.  It turned out delicious and I will say that Shaun isn't a huge sweet eater but had two pieces of the bread!  
My soul at last felt good and full too.  I tapped into my craftiness, nature and the nourishment of working in my kitchen to create something delicious.  

Inspiration for branch weaving from freepeople blog

Inspiration and recipe for  the fantastic apple bread found on

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