Thursday, October 16, 2014

bellbuckle tn craft fair

As you may or may not know... the annual BellBuckle craft fair is this weekend.  This year (so far) there are eight of us going in two vehicles.  I am so super excited... I've changed my mental outfit three times.  Goodness knows what I will end up wearing that morning.  We are due to have perfect weather starting out a little cool then warming up with partly sunny skies to around seventy degrees.  My sister and I figured that we have been in attendance, apart for maybe one or two years, at the craft fair for at least twenty six years... maybe more.  I know we were going when I was a teenager and, with me turning forty one this Saturday (yyyaaahhh!), that was a good twenty five years ago.  Needless to say... we are pros.  I have my list ready to go of things to look for so I possibly don't come home with only a picture of something I want.  I've got my taste buds all warmed up for the turnip greens and white beans from my favorite food booth.  We already pretty much know where we will park... all we have to do is get Aunt Dea here from Florida and pick up Granny... both of whom are newbies to the BellBuckle TN craft fair.  If you are too I suggest you look it up and head there this Saturday.  It is loads of fun to trot from booth to booth and get lemonade and kettle corn and see what new holiday trends are.... the works I tell ya!!!

Here are pictures form last year of just how much fun we have!  

What can I say?  She loves a good clean port-o-john!

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