Friday, October 10, 2014

comfort and joy

There are a few things about are home that seem a little more comfortable right now than usual.  Maybe it is the change of seasons with cooler nights or the sun fading earlier.  Could be the house plants being back inside from their summer on the porches giving the house an almost tropical feel as I have an abundance and adore their company.  A new slight curtain in the form of a lace shawl with fringe that I purchased for a dollar at a yard sale on our bathroom window above the tub.  I haven't fussed over the bed remaining unmade in weeks just merely pulled together inviting it's next rest as early shadows of dusk dance about the walls.  Possibly it is the tunes coming from the record player from old records scored at summer yard sales and forty-fives found in my attic filling the air and rooms with familiar yet not often heard songs that prompt a slow dance in the kitchen while supper is being made.  

Sorry about the wash rags M.E.

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