Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a dc scavenger hunt

I love when a new game pops into my head.  Especially one as easy as this.  
If you have the ease of a computer and digital camera this indoor scavenger 
hunt can be made in minutes.  
I began by walking around the day care and taking pictures of this and that.
I wound up with about twenty or so pictures.  
Then I went in to Microsoft Publisher, because it's my favorite, to create the cards.
You could probably do it in Word or another program I'm sure.
I chose to make a circle and fill it with a picture that I took.
I did this for all of the pictures.
Then I printed the pages of circles onto white card stock.
I also chose to use a laminating sheet over the pictures.
Next I cut them out and now I have a neat little stack of picture circles.
Now today... let's see how well these kids know their surroundings.
I'm guessing the game won't last real long.  
My older ones are pretty observant.
That's why I threw in some harder ones to find.
I hope it will really make them think.
I feel round two coming!

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