Monday, November 3, 2014

garden wishes

we are literally (spoken in a british accent.. lit-tra-lee) only weeks from our garden being put to rest for the season and already i am dreaming next year.  for goodness sake we haven't even made it past christmas!  but not soon after the first of the year i will begin a garden plan for the new year that will include new seed orders (me.. quietly clapping).  i want natural bug repellent outside every door and pretty yellow bobs to dry and porch pots with chenille hot dogs hanging down!  I truly plan to stop at the garden up the street for the orange zinnia seeds and hope the gentleman is there.  otherwise i might be forced to steal... no, no, no.. let us say "help myself" to some of his orange zinnia seeds that were grown deliciously close to the road.  i can be cat-like quick and no one will be the wiser but me.  i've been known to help myself... see here.

i feel, since we were blessed with very little blood sucking, flying creatures called mosquitoes this summer, we will not be as fortunate next year.  apparently i have very sweet blood as i have sensed the beasts have flown for miles to attack me once hearing of my free blood buffet.  the kids at the day care fall serious victim also.  there will be a plant on my front steps at home, the porch at the day care and also one outside the shop so i can entertain our chicken, cotton bottom, and not get caught being an unwilling donor.  i will be rubbing this plant on all areas of exposed skin.

the chenille plant has always been a gaudy favorite although i have never owned one.  not only do i want one... i want two.  it appears they can only be purchased as a starter plant.  ok by me.  i feel they will lavish and love the comfort of my semi-shaded porch complete with proper waterings of course.

the saucy and small yellow buttons of the craspedia will be a new and most welcome addition to my floral concoctions both alive and dead.  rather not dead but in their dried state as i read they dry well and maintain their color.  i will certainly enjoy their billy ball shape in vases and elsewhere through the winter months.  they are the most precious!  if you don't believe me just look at this board!

ahhh my beloved pink cabbage rose.  tis but a dream.  if only i had an area or fence that wasn't properly doused with liquid poison by my husband several times annually... you would be mine.  perhaps when the greenhouse goes up i could have a section of split rail fence erected that would be deemed poison proof and safe for you to grow.  yet another dream to bring to fruition.

any plans for you and your 2015 garden just yet?  well get dreaming!  it will be here soon enough.

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