Friday, November 7, 2014

lovin right now

This Lovin' Right Now looks like it should be Valentines!  All this love!  I admit... I bought the Gypsy Cold Care herbal tea from the grocery last year thinking that it was "cold care" like when you are sick.  Not so much... so yesterday, as it had been ugly cold for the first time this season, I got chilled.. which is abnormal for me anyway.  I had my hoodie on, in the house and still couldn't really warm up.  I though about a cup of something warm to drink and thought of the tea so I made a cup.  It really is soothing and very warming from the inside out.  I'm glad I have it going into cold weather. 

My yoga teacher mentioned a sea salt bath that is better than Epsom salt in your bath and my ears perked up.  She showed me the product after class and I took a bucket home with me.  Last night I had the most amazing bath I have ever had.  Mind you the water was oddly hot as my claw foot tub generally cools the water down pretty quick.  I had ran the dishwasher and I guess the water was freshly heated but the temperature wasn't the only thing.  The dead sea salt and minerals is relaxing, soothing, and detoxifies your skin.  You really aren't supposed to stay in the tub over twenty minutes.  So I didn't but I sure slept good after all that!  Find them at DeadSeaWarehouse.

My loving husband gave me some money to get new underwear for my birthday (at my request... him in Victoria's Secret... no).  I ordered a couple of new items online and absolutely love the "everyday perfect panty.'  I really do.  They are smooth and comfortable and... so far... stay in place.  Find the link directly to these HERE.

I realize the Scooby Doo graham crackers don't really mix with all this love but if you have tried them you might think otherwise.  They kind of remind me of Teddy Grahams... just larger and no they aren't dog treats although they are shaped like dog bones.  I almost don't want to share them with the kids!  I found them at Dollar General on 31W.

Last but certainly not least is another one of my polish favorites from OPI.  I've been polishing my finger nails lately, on a whim as I've always been a biter, and they've actually grown out.  Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my all time favorite shades and I've had it on for a few weeks now.  Now.. if I could only keep it from peeling off!  You can find it at Target or Sally's.

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