Tuesday, November 18, 2014

misplaced goods

I have lost three things lately.  Truly four if you count the ability to remember what I did with these things.  I carried around the first dvd in my yoga set, my favorite one, and a brand new taxidermy dvd that I haven't even watched yet in my bag back and forth from home to the day care for a couple of days.  I last remember sticking them in between pages of a book so they wouldn't get scratched up tossing loosely in my bag.  I am almost convinced that I returned them to the library in whatever book I stuck them in.  Or maybe not.... I still glance around and in a new place that I may have stuck them every day.  It's been almost two weeks since I've seen them.

The other thing is more valuable and more important as it is one of my hand guns.  It stays in it's little blue and black case that is about the size of a wallet.  It is always either in the kitchen or in my car and it is in neither at this point.  I almost remember the last time I thought about it accompanying me on a journey to the mall.  I don't remember if I put it in the car with me that day or not.  Either way, it is not where it is supposed to be.  That mall trip was early October.  I realized it's misplacement also two weeks ago.

What happens to short term memory?  I can remember what I wore to work yesterday and what I cooked for supper last Friday night.  I can even remember what I did on my birthday last month.  I remember easy things and these lost items too should be easy but the fact of their misplacement is where it gets foggy.  I am certain that I thought it was a good idea to lay them where I did at the time.  Partially it is my own problem of not putting things back where they belong.  "Oh, I'll remember" is what I think at the time.  Then days later I haven't a clue.

They say it happens as you get older but I've pretty much always been this way.  Shaun just taps his foot and rolls his eyes with a smile every time I misplace my keys.  I am the absolute worst at that.  It's safer for me just to leave them in the car.

I know I will feel so much better when they've been found.  I plan to ask the library if anyone turned the dvd's in and if not I plan to forget about it for a while.  The pistol will show up and I will slap my forehead and call myself silly for putting it where I did.   The part I dislike is that it constantly weighs on my mind.  On top of every little stress and part of daily life there it lies like a cherry on the sundae.  Makes me feel like a bag lady carrying around bags full of little troubles ready to sit them down.  But then again I'd probably forget where I put my bags.

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