Wednesday, November 12, 2014

say hello?

Are you one of those people who hides and avoids talking or making eye contact with someone you know or once knew at the store?  Are you a person who pops up excitedly in front of an acquaintance to say hello no matter where you are? Or does it really just depend on who it is that you see?  I saw a lady who works at our bank, who's son my husband has done a lot of work for, and who we've seen at parties who I have also spoke with about keeping their children, at the store Friday and although she didn't see me, I turned and walked the other way even though I had all the time in the world.  I also saw a family at the flea market a couple of months ago of which I follow the blog that the mother writes.  I recognized them right away and the son even looked right at me when my face awed at the sight of them yet I turned and walked the other way.  Why is it hard to say a simple hello sometimes?  Is it really going to take that long to say "how ya doin?"  Probably not.

I wonder how many people see me and turn away.  None I would hope.  I don't think I'm that scary.  When we were attending church I ran into a gal who's husband taught our Sunday school class and with whom I knew for a long time and was even in a wedding with her.  She looked directly at me in the meat department and quickly looked away.  I was shocked.  Would it have killed her to smile?  She didn't have to have a twenty minute conversation with me... a smile would have worked.  I did make her talk to me as I loudly said her name and hello to her after she snubbed me.

So it hurts to be ignored but it doesn't hurt to ignore.  I think it does hurt in a way to ignore.  I have obviously thought about the blog gal for a while and the bank lady since last Friday.  I wish I would have said hello.  Maybe, with the holidays approaching or maybe just the next time, when I see someone I recognize, I am going to try to say a simple hello.  I don't snub every time but when I do that split second decision to run can leave a lasting little scar on my bubble that I find myself living in sometimes.  I guess one never knows how much another person needs to be recognized.  I can throw out a random compliment to a stranger but not a hello to an acquaintance.  Kind of confusing isn't it.  But true at the same time.

Being Present- Be The One – Smile, Say Hello, Pay Attention, Listen

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