Wednesday, November 26, 2014

what's cookin good lookin?

So... whatcha making?  If you are anything like me then you have several things to make and bake on your list of "things to do next."  I try to make a couple of things ahead.  So far I made the cranberry relish, leaving out the pecans, and I have thawed the pie crust in the refrigerator.  Tonight I plan on  putting a jalapeno dip together to bake for Wednesday night when we will hang out with pals and smoke our turkeys on the big smoker.  I will also cook my sweet potatoes on the smoker, wrapped in foil.  They don't turn out too smoky tasting at all but it's something "getting done" while we're hanging out.  Then Thursday morning I will get up and get busy.  I am making pecan pie, chocolate pie, two batches of sweet potatoes, oh and I'm also bringing sangria!  The sangria I am putting together Wednesday night also so the fruit has time to beautifully marry the wine to bring us great tastes as we decorate our gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving afternoon.  Ah what a wonderful and full day it twill be!!

Here are links to recipes that I have adopted and treat as my own.

And just incase you are seriously stressing in the kitchen... 
try this kitchen trick I learned from Julia Child.

And here is my own concoction and plans for the sangria pretty much using what I've got.  Except the wine... that I have to buy but it is my very favorite.  I think the Mad Housewife Sweet Pink wine would be really good for this also.  I also didn't have the raspberries on hand but got them at Kroger because they were on sale for ninety nine cents and will look stunning might I add!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  
Don't burn the biscuits!!

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