Friday, November 14, 2014

who knew??

I've been lucky enough to run across a few things lately that I didn't know existed. 
Not that there aren't a million things that I didn't know were around.
But I was pretty impressed by these.
I've been compiling my little list for a few weeks now.
And feel I could keep it going and going and going.
Maybe it will be a new Friday series.
Once a month or something.
I would be happier than a pig in slop for you to share something new with me.
Something I probably didn't know was out there.
Or maybe I did.
Either way.... Talk to me!
Here Goes.

Colored glue sticks!
Decorative Love Potion Bottle
They seem pretty purposeful in this project found on FreePeopleBlog
I am sure the possibilities are endless for these.
I found them for sale on Amazon.

Apparently these are from the seventies as am I.
Good old fashioned drip candles...I miss them. They are the coolest!!!!
I have my own bottle going where drippy candles live.
It feels so Italian restaurant-ish.
I originally saw the pictures on pinterest.
But have found the candles for sale on Amazon.
I hope to find them in my Christmas stocking.
Even if I am the one who put them there.

This yarn holder looks pretty original and cool.
Pretty and perfect for the knitting type.
Of which I am not.
Have never been able to get the actual hang of it.
Or sit still that long.
Found on UncommonGoods.

This song by Waylon Jennings.
It's called Big D from his early album Cedartown Georgia.
I was listening to a classic rock station out of Bowling Green, Ky.
That I found on a foggy morning recently.
I was surprised to hear Waymore that morning.
But very happy at the same time.
I also stumped Shaun with it which is hard to do.
When it comes to Waylon.

My favorite wild orchid.
5 Rattlesnake Plantain(Goodyera pubescens)
That is named Rattlesnake Plantain (Goodyerapubescens)
It grows naturally at one place that I have found at our creek.
I overwintered one plant that I found lying loose a few years back.
Then replanted it the next spring.
You can buy them on etsy HERE.

The same lovely shop also sells Jack in the Pulpit bulbs.

Which I have never seen in our woods.
But would love to.
Even if I plant them.
You can buy the bulbs HERE
Picture found HERE.

A "Who Knew" from a reader...
"I was recently in Kmart and truly didn't know they had try on rooms."
~Mary Evelyn

Who Knew???

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