Monday, December 8, 2014


i've not forgot.... i just haven't had that much to say... but I am still doing this....

I am a library lover.  I belong to a library that I have to pay to be in because I live outside the county.  It's ok because I use the absolute fire out of it and I guarantee you that they spend more on fuel delivering my uncanny requests for books and movies that I could never gripe about the yearly charge to me.  Yes there is a library in my own county and I have been a member.  But my card is expired and they don't have near the selection and I find myself back again and again.  Currently I have ten items checked out and eleven on hold, none of which are actually ready to be picked up yet but will be by the time my yoga class rolls around on Saturday that is happily located on the block in front of the library (insert my greedy smile), and the total count of twenty one is very low for me.  Oh... I forgot about the winter curriculum kit that has twenty five children's books and five dvds about winter that I have at the day care.  

And here is a quick word about my presently awaited items.

Physik  continuing my reading in the series.  I am really enjoying these as I have gotten to know the characters and enjoy the story line and even feel I know my way around their world.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath  kid book for the dc and because it looks funny.  Also interested to see if I have a new author of children's books to add to my favorites.

The Kinfolk Table because I am into easy and laid back entertaining.  Not the I "entertain" often but when I do it is quaint and I can't wait to look at the recipes.

The Selby is in your place... I like to look in people's homes... mostly online... and this is even of some famous people's homes.  Who doesn't want to see that.  Ideas can be found anywhere.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus I told Shaun last night after having him watch another on of my odd movies (odd to him meaning it's not old west... of sorts) that I like to get different movies to keep our minds fresh.  Especially after the one we watched last night which I adored!

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