Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday faves

Sunday was so sunny and beautiful that I didn't have any desire to stay inside.  Despite finally giving in and going to the clinic after two weeks and four days of trying to let my body heal itself from a cold and not feeling terribly good from the steroids and antibiotics I stepped outside and right back in to grab my camera and Tommy.  I finally planted tulip bulbs from Holland in the pet cemetery and my friends all helped.  Then I helped Shaun ready the side by side for our upcoming trip.  I took a stroll through our back field and slightly into the woods.  I didn't venture down the hill to the creek, although I wanted to, because I had the wrong boots on.  Cowgirl boots are too slick on the bottom and no good for walking in a winter creek.  Mine are anyways.  When I did manage to make myself go back inside I made myself rest a bit and then made granola bars and supper.  Happy Winter to all.  The days will now gain a touch of daylight every day and it warms my soul.  I know I will soon be starting seeds because I get so giddy by February to grow something... and I just can't wait.

Kitty always sit on this log when I am working where the dogs are buried.

Cotton Bottom came a runnin when asking "is that brown rice I smell in that bowl?"

Haven't had a sky like this in weeks. 

Black Rose is still down... working on her when every chance. 

Tommy enjoying some sunshine.

Cotton's eggs are so big the lid won't close.  Bless her heart!

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